Friday, January 2, 2009

Best Tips before joining Paid-to-click sites

Hi, I would like to share tips before you can join any kind of PTC (Paid-to-click sites)

1. Always see if there is any forum, click on the link to make sure if the link is working
2. Read their Success Story and Payment Proof and see if anyone have got paid
3. See when did the last payment given
4. Look at how may earning do these people got when they have invested (Usually its located in Success Story sub forum)

5. See how many ads per day, normally a sustainable sites would give only 7 - 8 ads/day if there is more and the min payout is lower (about $2) then you must be fully aware of that site, because there is a chance that admin would never pay its member
6. See also their rates per click, a sustainable sites can give you 1 cents per click and 50% downline earning, a VERY sustainable sites will give you only half cents per click ($0.005) like what TakeTheGlobe have
7. See how many advertiser in their ads, if its less than that or only self-sponsored ads (meaning: only the admin advertising his own program) then there is a chance that site would close anytime.
8. Do NOT accept the site that transferring your money by BankWire account - never trust that site!!


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