Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Be a Top Online Marketer in 2009?

You have a business program like affiliate program but you never succeed, the only thing remain in your mind is how you can be succeed even you don have any experience yet. Nowadays lots of people were trying to be a successful online marketer, most of them are using SEO technique to generate more free traffic onto their site. Well today i’m gonna briefly explain to you how you can be a successful online marketer by giving you the best tips to be on top

1. Know Your Role

You know the role to be online marketer before you jump toward it? If you don know then its hard for you to take this serious job and the first thing that probably crossed into your mind was advertising your program and get downline as many as possible. Actually its not like that, if you ever been in a company and you send your application there, what is the first thing they will teach you before they can accepting you? Policies, how its works, the thing you should do and the thing you shouldn’t do. Thats it! If you got that then you can take this role

2. Behave on yourself

Be an online marketer doesn’t have to be a jerk. If you know the best part of advertising but you still need to know more proper information on how to do it, then as soon as the people know your successful story and how did you take this job at first time, then they can admire you that you are playing fair

3. Be Confident

If you ever seen someone who advertising their affiliate program and they claimed themself that they can earn a hundred or even thousand of dollar but you don know how far is their experience and you’re not really sure about their words then you should consider twice before you can take their part job. Sometimes be an online marketer must have this attitude, but that doesn’t mean you can faking up your successful story only just wanted to get downline for your own. I’m not saying you should lie to people or pretend to be something that you absolutely aren’t. My point is, if you’re starting out your business and you absolutely are new, then just be confident and believe that your business program is worth to try. People will judge you from that and will respect you more than anyone else because you have good personality. If you continue this way, people will believe in you, and as soon as you become an expert then you are in the first place by pretending in your confident. Fake it until you make it!

4. Help People out

Building a relationship and network with other online marketer is a must. If you think you are an expert because you probably had successfully selling all your stuff and earn thousand of dollar per month and you don need to teach the new one (because you think its just a waste of time) then you all are absolutely moron! You might don even know that there is a hundred of expert people out there that were still willing to teach people even the little guy, helping them out to achieve their goal. And the point is, you can’t live without anyone help. You help people and people will help you to gain more exposure as a top online marketer.

5. Associated with Successful People

You need to associate and get closer to successful people. That way will teach you and help you out from the problem you’re getting into. Go get networking with people because people simply can’t live with their own world and try to solve their own problem without anyone support. Neil Patel is one of the example. He is well associated with hundreds of successful people, which many of them are older than his age. Read why he can be successful, and you are not.

6. Be Yourself

Don try to fool anyone else with your fake personality as anyone may have bad point against your act. Just be natural and people will see that you are truly honest and can be trusted. This is important if you want to get anyone respect as you can indirectly increase the popularity of your reputation.

7. Expose Yourself

You need to put yourself in everywhere so people will know you and as soon as you become popular, then everything will run smoothly. Build up your own Wikipedia page, be active in forum that related to Marketing, be an active spokesman / commenter in every social media bookmarking/networking site, post picture of yourself in flickr and let people know your best captured shot, Upload nice video in youtube. Just expose yourself and let people know who you really are

8. Be Humble

Not everyone is perfect, and be humble is the best way to realize yourself even you’d probably become an expert marketer in the future, but there’s always someone greater than you. You still need to realize that you can’t live without anyone support (the one who teach you) as they have drag you so hard to this road, you need to do the same with the newbie, help them out and don blow them off!

9. Don Give Up

Every road has its own burden, If you can’t bypass it, then you’ll never succeed no matter what your business program is. And if you give up so easily in online job then don ever think you can be successful with your offline job.

Now what will you think? Do you still have an ability to be an successful marketer this year? i’m sure you will. As long as you have strong will and strong mind to compete with others then everything is possible


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